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Q - Do you provide labor for removal?

A - Yes we do.  RRR is licensed and insured and carries workmans' comp and general liability insurance.   Working at your plant or office is no problem.


Q - Do you work out of state?

A - Yes.  RRR will work anywhere in the continental USA.  We have worked in virtually every state east of the Mississippi, including Canada.


Q - Will you provide an inventory of assets.

A- Yes. RRR's site manager will prepare a list of assets to be utilized for bookeeping, taxes r depreciation of equipment.


Q - How much do you pay for assets or recycleables and is there a minimal ammount for purchase?

A - Assets and recycleables are quoted on a case by case basis.    Please call us or fill out our inventory form and we will give you an immediate assessment or same day visit.


Q - How fast is payment?

A - Same day that pick up is made.


Q - What do you purchase or recycle?

A - We purchase almost any asset with value.  We also remove assets at zero cost or charge if the asset has no value.


Q - Do you purchase vehicles or construction equipment?

A - Yes, depending on the origin of the equipment.


Q - Can you assist in selling and storing assets for a fee?

A - Yes. We are experts in marketing and selling surplus and obsolete assets.  Normally the fee is based on the value of the asset.


Q - Do you provide roll-off containers?

A - Yes, depending on the scope of work, we can provide the necessary equimpent or containers to tackle any type of removal.


Q - Do you provide destruction or recycling certificates?

A - Yes.  A destruction or recycling certificate will be e-mailed or snail-mailed out to our client.  The certificate will include the value of material and method of destruction, and will be typed on our letterhead.


Frequently Asked Questions

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